The Word of God alone is not enough. He who acts shedding sweat can move people.

About us 


To Establish our Identity as Heavenly Parents and True Parents Children and to Take Ownership of Their Dream.


STF Europe is a full-time, 1-year mission program. The program uses the education tools of fundraising, witnessing, as well as workshops and service projects to help members develop their faith.

STF is designed for +18 years old members who desire to contribute to the Family Federation and to society, especially supporting True Parent’s 2020 vision. Through the STF mission, the STF members will deepen their faith and solidify their commitment to live a public life, as an active part of the Family Federation.

We believe it is very important for young members of our movement to have a direct experience of activities like fundraising and witnessing in order to connect in a deeper way to their original selves, their parents, True Parents and Heavenly Parents.

During the year, STF members will have the chance to deepen the bond between each other, so to experience a brother and sister relationship in its true sense and create a network of friendships that will last after the program ends and that will benefit them in their future lives.

  • Develop personal relationships with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents
  • Developing one’s character in preparation for the Blessing
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Principle and its application in daily life
  • Develop habits of Principled daily life
About us

Change your thoughts and you will change the world.

-Norman Vincent Peale

The participants will have the chance to follow the program for one year as team members, to continue for  a 2nd year as team leaders and a 3rd year as commanders.


The first part of the STF year is structured in fundraising and workshops. During the new year holidays the STF participants will have the possibility to go back home and spend a few days there , before starting the second part of the program, which is mainly focused on witnessing.

From January until July,  the STF schedule consists of witnessing, workshops and a fundraising period during Easter time.

By the end of the year, STF provides the opportunity to join some service projects in different parts of the world, for the STF participants to experience the joy of helping others in society. For those who are willing to continue STF for a 2nd or 3rd year, we provide a specific training to prepare them for their future task.   

Part of the STF program is also a pilgrimage in Korea during the Foundation Day Anniversary of about 7 days, where we provide them the chance to see the main Holy Grounds in Korea and to experience Korean culture.

As core workshops of the program, we provide a 7 days Divine Principle workshop, an Original Divine Principle workshop, a Blessing Preparation workshop and a Parents workshop (a chance for the parents to see their children for a few days around Easter holidays).

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